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Real Cooking

A community for more advanced cooks

Advanced Cooking
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Welcome to real_cooking, a community for people who enjoy the art of preparing food. This isn't a photo community and this isn't a place to share your recipes involving condensed soup. This isn't the place to ask how to shred cheese or how to flavor yogurt or oatmeal.

Sure, some might call us elitist, and we are. We're a haven for those of us who don't cook from a box and call it gourmet. We're not into "almost homemade".

The rules here are simple. Having a couple of shortcuts in a recipe is acceptable. A casserole made of Campbell's soup is not. "Mixing" - such as adding stuff to canned tuna and calling it a recipe - is not. Buying something from the grocery store and sticking it the oven and calling it cooking is not.

So, what will happen if you post something inappropriate? Well, that's up to the moderators. If you're a respected contributor who just happened to make a mistake, it's likely your post will just be removed. If your first post here is a questionable recipe, you might be given a warning. If you've got a habit of posting stuff below the standards of the community, we might talk about removing you. It's all subjective.

Hamburger Helper posts are a bannable offense. No, we're not kidding.

We're also not here to teach you basic cooking skills such as boiling eggs. Google is your friend.

But, if you're like us and love good food and love cooking it, then feel free to join us.